Mistress Yve

Mistress Yve (pronounced "Eve") is is a versatile, multi-talented, and multi-faceted Dominant Woman. Her interests are many and her apologies few. Tall and lean, she often towers above her submissives , but, then, that's made easier by their low stature in general, and certainly by being on their knees. She can be cruel or playful, often both, and is always unflinchingly devious.

Age 25 Height 5'9"
Hair Black and Red Weight 120 lbs
Eyes Steel Blue Bust 34C
Complexion Very Fair Shoe size: 10


She stands 5'9 in her bare feet, but her penetrating stare and devilish laugh can make you feel only 3 inches tall. With her sharp wit and even sharper tongue, she has no problems with telling it like it is-- especially at the expense of her submissive's ego!

At first glance, her ink gives the impression of a hard-edged tattooed dame; that is, until you realize her tattoos are eloquent literary references and her mannerisms betray a cultured, albiet Machiavellian, Domme whose mental faculities surpass your own.

She has been involved in the BDSM community as a Top for several years, now making her debut at Wicked Eden. She is competent in a wide array of activities, and is the resident physical and verbal humiliation expert. She has fantastic slender, size 10 feet and thoroughly enjoys a good foot boy.

About Me:

My evolution into being a Domina was an inevitable one. As an intelligent woman, with a passion for kink and a background in the arts and psychology, this life was predestined.  Having the means (men) to accommodate my mercurial moods, the opportunity for extended and intricate manipulation, and the luxury, nay birthright, of total control... where else could I possibly have ended-up and been this happy? I stand in a veritable playground for a Siren.

You may notice, from my photos, that I have a certain amount of body art. Each piece is an homage to Art Nouveau and Beautiful Women. Pay special attention to the piece on my arm. It is an illustration, created for the play Salome, written by Oscar Wilde. Salome, the Princess depicted in the image, is generally recognized as an iconic, erotic figure, representing the dangers of the female seductress. When scorned by the man she sought after, she has his head severed and delivered to her on a silver platter. Salome then steals a kiss and declares her victory.

Ah! I have kissed thy mouth, Iokanaan, I have kissed thy mouth. There was a bitter taste on thy lips. Was it the taste of blood? . . . Nay; but perchance it was the taste of love.

This image of the Perfect Vixen, holding the disembodied head of a man who dared refuse her, is one I have had permanently marked onto my skin. That should tell you something.

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