Domina Snow

Co-founder and Headmistress of Wicked Eden, Domina Snow is an intelligent, erudite, highly skilled Dominant young woman, possessing an arsenal of experience, power, and creativity. She is beautiful, charismatic, demanding, sensual, cruel, devious, and much more.

Birthday: August 20th Age: 32
Hair: Black, Long Height: 5'5"
Eyes: Brown Weight: 135 lbs
Complexion: Light/Medium Bust: 32/34G
Orientation: Bisexual Shoe Size: 8 (US)

About Me:

I have been a professional Dominant since 2003, and in the last decade I have established myself as a highly-skilled and extremely accomplished Domina, educator, media producer, and lifestyle Goddess. I appear in BDSM videos across the internet, teach classes on fetish and BDSM across the country, train slaves and submissives with a lifetime of experience or none at all, and strive to have a world-class dungeon with exceptional staff.

I am first, and foremost, a naturally Dominant Woman. I have always been, and will always be. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme for me. I am well-educated and very successful, and I have found that exercising my Dominant nature keeps me balanced and satiated. For me, it is a hunger, and I must feed it.. lest it get out of control. I am a responsible and well-regarded Top, and so I take great care in my play to maintain the health and safety of my pets. Obviously if you break your toys, you can't play with them again!

I am a Goddess. I know that I am Divine, through and through, and it is my place to be worshipped. Like the Greek goddess Artemis, I can be a benevolent and patient deity.. leading my worshippers into sublime experiences. Or I can be a vicious, cruel tyrant with my wrath reigning down on your poor little manhoods at the slightest provocation. I am Inanna, Ishtar, Lilith, Isis, and I will be paid homage.

I am a Seductress. I embody the mythical archetype of the femme fatale, the siren whose call shipwrecks a man upon the shoals. I find pleasure in tapping that buried male hunger and using it as a weapon against him. A caress, a glance, a sultry word... and he is spellbound. Men will peacock and petition for my favor on the barest promise of pleasure, knowing it will never be delivered. I am a modern-day Lou Andreas-Salomé, whose psychological genius ensnared Paul Rée and Frederick Nietzsche. I am the incarnation of Aspasia, the elite hetaerae who taught Socrates and held Pericles in life-long adoration.

I am multi-faceted. For too long, I showed only one face of myself to the outside world. Now, I revel in the depths of my personality. I am a strict Disciplinarian, a flirtatious Neighbor, a haughty Princess, a bossy CEO, a sadistic Dominatrix, and much more. My moods may change by the moment, and I will indulge in whatever whims I wish. (Say that 10 times fast!)

My Videos:

I post daily videos updates to Clips4Sale with POV and FemDom videos. Click here to see my entire store with the ability to sort by category: Goddess Alexandra Snow

Please note that my videos are not necessarily an accuarate reflection of my fetishes or how I like to play with my slaves. What people enjoy watching videos of and what they enjoy in a session can be very different. For my favorite things, go to my Fetishes and Limits page.


I post photos, news, funny stuff, updates, etc frequently on Twitter.