Sessions with Me

As an accomplished switch, I have had a multitude of experiences on both sides of the whip. I am fully aware of how to take someone to another plane with a stroke or a tease, or how to endure a thorough trip into a headspace. I love to share my knowledge and experience with others so they can share my passions.

I enjoy both solo (one-on-one) double sessions with anyone from Wicked Eden. However, I am not well-suited to all kinds of sessions or activities, so please make sure you read my fetishes to make sure it is something I can do.

I am also available for social time in addition to sessions. This can include dinner, shopping, attending at parties, or accompanying you to a BDSM event. Like sessions, social time never includes any sexual activity whatsoever.


My tributes for Dominant, Switch, and submissive sessions are as follows:

Length Tribute Total
1 hour $200
2 hours $390
3 hours $570
4 hours $740
5 hours $900
6 hours $1,050
7 hours $1,190
8 hours $1,320


For Switch/submissive sessions there is a potential marking fee and this is strictly enforced. What does this mean? If you'd like to do corporal (spanking/flogging/ caning/etc.) scene or any activity that impacts the skin, there may be an additional tribute as follows:

  • Light bruising and/or marking that fades in less than 24 hours - $0
  • Moderate bruising and/or marking that fades in 2 to 3 days - $100
  • Heavy bruising and/or marking that fades in 4 to 7 days - $300
  • Bruising and/or marking that fades in more than one week – Hard limit

I recommend all first-time sessions with me be a minimum of 2 hours.

Session Packages and Add-Ons

Social Time - $95/hour. Social time is any time outside of a session, such as discussions, going out for dinner or shopping, fetish events, etc.

Abandonment - $95/hour. For those that long to be bound, caged, or closeted then abandoned, there is a special, lesser tribute for the period of abandonment. This is always in addition to a session.

Dinner & Play: $760. 2 hours of social time, 3 hours of session time, 1 hour of travel/prep

Keyholding / Chastity Training: $25/week in addition to a monthly session. $50/week if done without sessions or in-person contact.

Personal Items

You may purchase my worn items for worship, from shoes to stockings to panties. Email me at to order.

Panties - $40 for one day's full wear. ($30 for each additional day's wear, up to 3 days)
Thongs, bikinis, full-backs, and boyshorts available in a variety of materials and colors.

Stockings/Pantyhose - $25 for generic brands, $50 for specialty (15 denier, RHT, etc) for one day's wear. ($20 for each additional day's wear)

Socks - $25 for a full day's wear in boots or sneakers ($20 for each additional day)

Shoes - $30-100 depending on the type of footwear.

Email me for the list of what I currently have that needs a new home.