Miss Noel Knight

Miss Noel is a playful, enthusiastic switch from Michigan. She is an accomplished lifestyle player and fetish model, and has come to Wicked Eden to find her permanent kink home. Miss Noel joined Wicked Eden in June of 2009. She is an experienced submissive and masochist, but she has quickly developed a keen desire to indulge her Dominant tendencies as well.

Birthday: February 10th Age: 30
Hair: Blonde Height: 5'3"
Eyes: Clear Blue Weight: 133 lbs
Complexion: Fair Bust: 34C
Orientation: Bisexual Shoe size: 7.5 (US)

About Me:

My name is Noel Knight. I was born in the Midwest but have moved all around the county the past few years. I consider myself to be a night, bold, sex-positive woman. I have always been very open minded and extremely experimental which has led me to realize my kinky desires at am early age. I have a multitude of personal experience and have worked as a fetish model for the past 2 years. BDSM is my passion, the very love of my life and there is nothing I enjoy more than sharing it with others.

Personally, I have played on both sides of the Dominant/submissive fence and can most accurately describe myself as a dominant masochist – a strange mix to be certain!

In the submissive role, I am more inclined to masochism than acting out the role of servant or slave. I adore the strong catharsis and delicious warm feeling that comes from well done pain play. I am also an absolute exhibitionist and love to show off, particularly if it means performing for an appreciative partner. I have appeared in numerous BDSM videos, including several of the Kink.com websites. I will be launching my own website soon... but you'll have to wait and see what I'll be doing on it!

As a top, I identify strongly as a sensual sadist. Having a plethora of personal experiences, I have all the intuition and skill to make a submissive squirm and beg. I am very playful and am fascinated by watching peoples reactions to sensation, both pain and pleasure. I have also discovered I have an intense chastity and cuckolding fetish. After all, what better way to control a man than by locking up his “little man”...hehe! I am also extremely fascinated by tease and denial and the delicate balance between pleasure and pain.

My Videos:

I post daily videos updates to Clips4Sale with fetish videos. Click here to see my entire store with the ability to sort by category: Miss Noel Knight

Please note that my videos are not necessarily an accuarate reflection of my fetishes or how I like to play. What people enjoy watching videos of and what they enjoy in a session can be very different. For my favorite things, go to my Fetishes and Limits page.