Miss Kelle Martina

Miss Kelle (pronounced "kel" not "kelly") Martina is an adorable little switch who loves to indulge her kinky side with mischievious enthusiasm. Don't let her tiny appearance fool you, she can be quite imposing!

Age 22 Height 4'11"
Hair Dark Brown, Very Long Weight 105 lbs
Eyes Brown Bust 34DD
Complexion Light with Freckles Physique: Petite
Orientation: Bisexual Shoe Size: 5 1/2


About Me:

My name is Kelle (that's one syllable, like KEL.. not KELLY!). I was born in Ohio, and I am half Brazilian and half American. I knew I was kinky and open-minded since I was young, but it really blossomed into my late teens. I experimented with online relationships and switching with my boyfriend, but I finally took the plunge into real BDSM shortly after my 18th birthday. I have been part of Wicked Eden since 2007.

I am quite petite at only 4'11, but I am naturally busty with a matching bubble butt! I'm also a natural tease and have become quite adept at sensual domination in all it's forms.

I am currently in college pursuing an arts degree with a specialty in fashion/costume design. I love creating and designing historical and fantasy reenactment clothing, and hope to expand into costume and fashion design. I plan to take time for traveling and more advanced training, both as a submissive and as a BDSM Top. I love to read, do yoga, make jewelry, and other artsy-craftsy things. I am also enjoying shooting for my clip store where I make all kinds of kinky fun things. You can find me on my webcam 5 nights a week if you want to "try me out." Hehe!

I am naturally a switch and therefore enjoy both sides of play. I am very bisexual, so I love playing with both men and women, and delight in all manner of situations and scenes. I have been told than I am mischievous and playful, but I do not consider myself a brat. I am well-mannered as a submissive most of the time, but there is always room for improvement. I love to see the smile on a Dominant's face that tells me that I have pleased them, more so than receiving punishment for an infraction. I am an avid role-player, and just love scenes like teacher and student, babysitter and neighbor, priest and schoolgirl, vampire and victim, etc. *grin*

As a Top, I am developing my interests more every day. Because I started switching with my first boyfriend, I already had a natural inclination to put submissive boys in their place. It didn't take long before I loved every moment of being in control and making a boy do as I pleased. Now, I've been a professional switch for since 2009 and I couldn't be happier. I thoroughly enjoy humiliation, tease and denial, strap-on play, forced-bi, and much more!

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Miss Kelle Martina

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